Medical X-Ray Film FAQ

Common Questions About Film Purchasing and HIPAA Compliance:

faq_medicalQ: How do I get paid for my X-ray file film?
A: Spot pay or Refining Basis.

Q: What does “Spot” Pay mean?
A: CRE will purchase your clean film (removed from patient jackets) based on the net weight X an ounce per pound factor X 99% of the NY Silver Market Close on the date of receipt. For example (based on an average mixed file film lot): .025 ounces per pound X a $25.00 per ounce silver market equals a “spot” payment of $0.62 per net pound. A shipment of 10,000 pounds of file X-ray film would therefore net you a “spot” payment of $6,200. You will receive your check within 3-5 business days. If requested, CRE will return pure silver coins or bars in lieu of payment.

Q: Are spot payment factors negotiable?
A: Yes. CRE will increase your factors for older (Pre1990) file film since more silver is contained in these X-ray films.

Q: What does “Refining Basis” mean?
A: If you feel your file films are superior in silver due to age, exposure or brand, you can elect to have your film processed and refined as an individual lot basis (1,000 pound minimum). On a refining basis, the typical yield of silver per pound is .09 troy ounces per pound ($2.25 in a $25.00 silver market) less refining charges. Your payment will be based on the gross silver yield in the process minus a per pound refining charge, giving you up to a net return of approximately $1.66 per pound. To eliminate any feeling of risk for this option CRE guarantees that your net payment will be no lower than what CRE quoted and would have paid you on a “spot pay” basis (.025). Payment for film elected by you to be processed on a “Refining Basis” will be settled at 99% of the New York Silver Market Close on the 4th Friday following the week of receipt. A shipment of 10,000 net pounds of average Medical X-Ray film, on a refining basis, will net you an estimated payment of $16,900.00. You will receive your check within 3-5 business days after the settlement Friday.

Q: Can I send the film in patient jackets?
A: Yes. CRE charges a $.17 per gross pound for segregation and destruction of film and associated records.

Q: Is CRE HIPAA compliant?
A: Yes. CRE can provide a HIPAA required BAA (Business Associate Agreement), CRE Corporate HIPAA Statement and Certificate of Destruction.

Q: Does CRE pick-up?
A: Yes. CRE can arrange pick-up nationwide.  CRE will issue a freight rebate credit per net pound of X-Ray film for truck load quantities (40,000 lbs.) depending on shipping location.

Q: What type of container should the X-ray File Film be in?
A: The film can be shipped in gaylords (preferred) or ship in drums (four to a pallet, banded and shrink wrapped). Whether using gaylords or drums the pallet should be prepared so that the pallets can be double stacked in the trailer.

Q: Is CRE NAID certified?
A: Yes, CRE is the first NAID certified silver refiner in the world.

Q: How does this program benefit me?