One-Time-Use Camera Recycling Mail-In Program

CRE initiated the One-Time-Use Camera Recycling Mail-In Program in 2001.  Since then, we have received, processed and recycled over 3.6 million pounds of cameras – that is over 18 million cameras!


For every box of cameras that you ship to us, rest assured that you are helping keep the landfills clean of additional plastic and are recognized each year for your participation.

Check out our One-Time-Use Camera Recycling video!


Here is how the program works:

1) There are three ways to sign up or to order more supplies:

a) Fill out your information by clicking here.
b) E-mail us at
c) Call us toll free at 800-943-2811 and ask for Aleks.

2) We provide you with shipping boxes, UPS return labels and pay for both the shipping to you (outbound) and the shipping back to us (inbound).

3) Fill each box with a fair mix of One-Time-Use cameras and give to your UPS driver or take to an authorized UPS center.

4) Once cameras are received, we will log the shipment weight in and pay you $0.55 per net pound on a quarterly basis.  A Certificate of Recognition is available upon request via email at

A simple program with great rewards! We look forward to receiving your shipment soon.  

For any questions, click here to contact us or call Aleks at 800-943-2811.


*We ship you 10 boxes (9 folded into 1) with 10 UPS return service (RS) labels for prepaid return to us. The 10th label is always stapled to the instructional sheet to use for the outside box.

**When 1 or more boxes are completely full with camera bodies, take the full boxes to a UPS drop-off location to avoid the extra $4.00/box pick-up charge. If you have a UPS account and are set-up on a daily scheduled pick-up, call 800-PICK-UPS for a pick-up at no charge.