Why CRE for Secure Document Destruction?

Waste Paper = Wasted Space

With millions of computers and printers, businesses continue to produce piles of paperwork such as:

-Medical, legal and employment records
-Hard copies of memos and correspondence
-Confidential sales information and other proprietary documents

Further, we save that information on CD’s, tapes, and other media or even hard drives that later need destruction.

CRE has been recycling Medical X-Ray film for Chiropractors, Doctor Medical Offices, and major Hospitals since 1980. In 2006, we built a building specifically designated for Document Destruction services and when we attained our NAID Certification in 2011, we began offering secure document destruction services while strictly following HIPAA document destruction guidelines. CRE is also certified in the destruction of DVDs, CDs, hard drives, video cassettes & tape, microfilm & medication bottles.

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CRE is the right choice for your Confidential Document Destruction and Mixed Media needs:

  • We warrant the integrity of every picked-up container, in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and CRE’s trusted Document Destruction security and NAID AAA Certified process.
  • Rather than shred documents and mixed media on site, which is noisy and environmentally intrusive, we provide shredding services at CRE’s secure document destruction facility.
  • CRE certifies that all documents and mixed media will be destroyed.
  • Like everything else we do – recovery, recycling and precious metals refining – CRE Document and Mixed Media Disposal observes strict security & environmentally friendly processes.
  • CRE carries the maximum Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Vehicle Insurance required by Fortune 500 companies.
  • For extra assurance, CRE also provides an Omissions & Errors policy.

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