About Us


CRE is an insured licensed Hazardous Waste hauler, a HIPAA Compliant company and is AAA NAID Certified. With over 15,000,000 pounds of X-Ray Film received for silver recovery annually, CRE has become one of the biggest “above-ground miners” in the United States. Environmentally responsible at every state of our business, CRE has earned a reputation for reliability, unsurpassed quality and fair pricing.

Document Destruction


“When CRE was founded in 1980, customers focused primarily on the silver values from their surplus films but paid little attention to the destruction of the paper radiology records associated with the silver recovery from their outdated X-Ray film. However, with the development and enforcement of HIPAA regulations for medical records, it became apparent that our customer base needed more

Silver Refining


Finish in the money with CRE’s technological precision. Commodity Resource & Environmental is a leading refiner of photographic silver by-products. In silver recovery, we have developed state-of-the-art techniques in preparation, sampling, and refining methods which minimize silver losses as a result of slag separation, as frequently occurs in the direct melting techniques practiced by .. More

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