Secure/Environmental Document Destruction Process


Federal privacy laws require companies to protect confidential information from unwanted scrutiny. CRE Document and Mixed Media Destruction delivers destruction and disposal of unwanted, outdated “piles of files” and mixed media in a guaranteed secure, environmentally friendly process, all while offering 24-hour surveillance on the material being destroyed.


As of April 2019, CRE has recycled over 3,600 tons of paper in just 4 years!  We offer and deliver confidential and secure Document Destruction in an Environmentally-friendly process:

  • A tipper is used to help load the paper on to the conveyer, which in turn gets the paper to the shredder.
  • A blower transports the shredded paper through ducting and drops it into a bailer.
  • Dust and air leaving from the bailer are filtered through the danset, located above the bailer, to help avoid contaminating the air.  These filters have no use to paper dealers because there is no fiber, but are good to mix with soil and/or can be used as oil absorbents. CRE is permitted and monitored by Kern County Air Pollution Control District for continual compliance.
  • Once the paper is bailed, it is ready to be transported from the Document Destruction building and into an enclosed trailer. 
  • As an additional confidentiality and security measure, CRE has wind fences installed to help protect the paper from flying due to winds while transporting.


Due to multiple types of mixed media comingled when shipped to us for destruction, the material is shredded, placed in lined gaylords and recycled and/or disposed of in compliance with Regulations.