Aluminum Plates Recycling

CRE carries the maximum Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Vehicle Insurance required by Fortune 500 companies.  For extra assurance, CRE also provides an Omissions & Errors policy.

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Aluminum Plates Recycling

How to recycle your Aluminum Printing Plates?

  1. Why spend time cleaning your exhausted aluminum printing plates from excess ink? We can take them as they are (see sample picture below).  If you do clean them, we can recycle your solvent as well.
  2. Combine your exhausted aluminum printing plates into a holding drum, such as the 55-Gal drum CRE can provide or a Gaylord for larger volumes.
  3. When ready for pick-up, call us at 800-943-2811.

What is the value of my Aluminum Printing Plates?

CRE will purchase your aluminum printing plates for recycling and pay you in a timely manner.  The price range is based on the net weight (100 – 5000 pounds) and current aluminum trading market.

Why should I recycle my Aluminum Printing Plates?

By recycling your Aluminum Printing Plates with CRE, you are preserving natural resources and reducing landfill waste, both benefiting our Environment.

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