Getting Documents Ready for Pick-Up

How do I get my documents for destruction ready to be picked up?

CRE provides a variety of secure containers to accommodate your document and mixed media quantities and available space. A CRE representative can determine the best container to provide to you after a complimentary workplace evaluation. These containers will be dropped off for you to fill. Of course, if you have boxes, drums or gaylords ready for pick-up instead of needing containers, we will be able to accommodate the pick-up that way as well.

What is CRE’s Secure Document Destruction Pick-Up Process?

CRE’s Secure Document and Mixed Media Destruction Process is safe and timely.  In four easy steps, your secure files and/or mixed media are on their way to us for secure and timely destruction:

  1. A CRE representative will schedule a complimentary workplace evaluation to determine your businesses Document and/or Mixed Media Destruction requirements.
  2. Once the evaluation is complete, CRE will deliver the required container(s) to you.
  3. You fill the container(s) with documents and/or mixed media to shred.
  4. Once the container(s) are full, we pick them up for destruction and replace with empty ones.

The full sealed containers and/or boxes are securely transported to our shredding facility for Secure Destruction.  Once the documents and/or mixed media have been destroyed, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction to confirm the process for your records.