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Commodity Resource & Environmental (CRE) is celebrating their 35th anniversary as one of the world’s leading silver recovery companies.
In just three decades, CRE has become the biggest “above-ground miners” in the Western U.S., harvesting silver from photographic and other by-products — over 15,000,000 pounds worth every year!
Environmentally responsible at every stage of our business, CRE has earned a reputation for reliability, unsurpassed quality and fair pricing.
35 Years in Silver Recovery

CRE… “Your Business Resource in Environmentally Safe Silver Recovery”.

C – Creative systems to manage your photo waste streams for maximum efficiency at minimum costs.
R – Recovery and refining of silver to help your business off-set the cost of photo waste management.
E – Environmentally sound and licensed hauling and treatment of your photo-waste residues & solutions.

CRE was founded in 1980 as a full service silver recovery/silver refining company serving the Southern California imaging community. Our primary customers include hospitals, medical centers, and doctors offices as well as other clinics performing radiology services (X-Rays). CRE offers refining services to these facilities for the extraction of silver from their scrap file X-Rays. Following recovery, the client is paid for the resultant net silver content, after refining charges. CRE refines over 15,000,000 pounds of scrap X-Rays for silver recovery, annually. CRE’s principle location is in Burbank CA, which serves as the Company headquarters and local service arm for Southern, CA. CRE also maintains sales/service offices in Phoenix, AZ and San Jose, CA. Our silver refinery occupies 5 acres in Mojave, CA.

Future Expansion:
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that CRE provide document security and destruction for the X-Rays themselves as well as the associated protective file envelopes and reports. These requirements have led to CRE entering the paper shredding and baling system. In the spring of 2010 CRE will be expanding our services into the records document destruction arena (beginning with medical records since we currently service the medical field in our silver recovery capacity).

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