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Refining Overview

Finish in the money with CRE’s technological precision. Commodity Resource & Environmental is a leading refiner of photographic silver by-products.

In silver recovery, we have developed state-of-the-art techniques in preparation, sampling, and refining methods which minimize silver losses as a result of slag separation, as frequently occurs in the direct melting techniques practiced by our competitors. Our metallurgical breakthroughs enable CRE to return the highest possible silver yields from your Electrolytic Flake, Metallic Replacement Cartridges, Sludges, and Scrap Film. In short, we’ll help you finish in the money … and more of it.

Silver Refining

• Electrolytic Flake

• Metallic Replacement Cartridges

• Ion Exchange Resins

• Sludges

• X-Ray, Graphic Arts & C-41 Film Scrap

• Resins & Sludges

Silver Return

• Cash

• Silver Bar & Coin

• Gold Coins

Now Offering our very own Silver Bullion

Trusted by the trade for unsurpassed service and fair pricing. And now we’re bringing CRE quality to the private investors! The recent uptick and strong demand in the silver market inspired us to begin minting our very own silver rounds and bullion.